Getting an abortion in UAE

Getting an abortion in UAE is forbidden. The abortion laws in UAE restrict women from requesting the medical termination of a pregnancy to their doctors. Even if the intent is not punishable by law, if the act is performed without respecting the laws, imprisonment for both the woman and the one performing the abortion are at risk. This is why many women resort to accepting the services offered by illegal abortion clinics in UAE.

Abortion laws in UAE

Knowing your rights and responsibilities is mandatory in order to make the best decision for yourself and your family. The Penal Code of 16 February 1974 stated the following:

“Article 340.  Whoever intentionally performs an abortion on a pregnant woman through the administration of medications or other means that bring about the abortion shall be punished with up to five years imprisonment.

The punishment is up to seven years imprisonment when the crime occurs without the consent of the pregnant woman. “

Also, the Law No. 7 of 1975, Law on the Practice of Human Medicine states:

“Section 22.   [A] physician may not perform an abortion nor prescribe any abortifacient.  In the event that the continuation of pregnancy endangers the life of a pregnant woman, the abortion may be carried out provided that: a) the operation is performed by a gynecologist with the approval of a physician who is a specialist in the condition rendering the abortion necessary; and b) a process-verbal indicating the circumstances that justify abortion is drawn up by the physician concerned and signed by the patient’s husband or guardian as an indication of his approval to the abortion being performed (each of the parties concerned is required to keep a copy of the process-verbal).”

Reading the above requirements, it is only understandable why women in UAE seek help from illegal clinics and unauthorized individuals, in order to get an abortion. Many women, in their attempt to perform a first trimester abortion, choose to buy overpriced, black marketed abortion pills in UAE. They often pay unreasonable amounts of money and not even get the necessary substances, but sugar pills in return.

When the pregnancy is older than 12 weeks, women can only try D&C or surgical abortion, both fitted for a second trimester abortion. This one involves higher abortion risks, since there are invasive methods, which need proper post-operative care, to prevent complications and infections.

What are your options?

Since a legal abortion is not an option, you are left with the following options:

  1. Acquire abortion pregnancy pills, like mifepristone or misoprostol, from unauthorized outlets, pharmacies, dealers and even online, in order to induce the abortion yourself. Remember this violates article 340 of the Penal Code, and thus you are facing at least 3 years of imprisonment.

Since this is a chemical abortion, it is mandatory to know it is effective only if the pregnancy is younger than 7 weeks. After that term, the placenta develops, the bond between the pregnancy and the uterus being done different, so mifepristone will be inefficient. If prostaglandins are missing, you risk having remainders of the fetus or the placenta inside your uterus which lead to infection, gangrene and fatal hemorrhaging.

  1. Make use of the services of illegal abortion clinics in UAE. Do NOT do it. The persons performing the abortion do not have the training, experience or conditions to put your safety first during and after the abortion procedure.
  2. Medical tourism. It is what it sounds like. Expat as well as Indian women can travel to Bangalore, India where abortion is legal.

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