Abortion Risks in UAE

Unprotected sexual intercourse happens every day, on a global scale. And, as everyone knows, the main result of this act is a pregnancy. Unfortunately, in most cases, we are talking about unwanted pregnancies.

Whether it is a bad timing for newlyweds or the woman is not married and sometimes even unfortunate situations, like a rape, there are plenty of reasons for which a woman could want to have an abortion.

Being completely aware of the abortion risks in UAE is mandatory if you want to remain healthy, free and without a spot from the social stigma affecting women who have an abortion.

The UAE laws completely forbid a woman to get an abortion. There are only two situations in which it is allowed, but only with clearance from a team of medical doctors:

  • The pregnancy endangers the woman’s life;
  • It can be proven that the child will be stillborn, or he will die shortly after the birth.

In both cases, the procedure is allowed only until the pregnancy is at a maximum of 120 days old. This makes a woman who is pregnant and unmarried in UAE to decide she will accept the services of quack doctors in illegal abortion clinics in UAE, without completely understanding the abortion consequences in UAE.

Abortion with pills, or chemical abortion, as it is widely known is the most preferred abortion method used by women from all over the world. It is done by taking 2 substances, which limit progesterone production and also induce cramping and contraction, in order for the uterus to eliminate the remainders of the pregnancy. Also, it is important to understand that chemical abortion is only effective if performed when the pregnancy is younger than 7 weeks old.

Since the situation in UAE is not different from any other Middle East countries, the black market revolving around these substances is as strong here as anywhere else. Even if campaigns and commercials have been conducted in order to limit the trafficking of Mifepristone and Cytotec, the results are not satisfying. Also, any illegal clinics run by fake doctors, which increase the abortion health risks of a pregnant and unmarried in UAE woman.

Post Abortion Care in UAE

Knowing your human rights, but, most importantly, the abortion risks in UAE can make the difference between life and death. Even if the outlet you choose to get an abortion is not approved by the law, there are a few minimum services which should be offered to you:

  • Limiting infections: All abortion methods involve the dilation of your cervix and hemorrhaging. It doesn’t matter if it is an abortion with pills; a D&C abortion or a surgical one, the elimination of the pregnancy is completed the same way.

If any complication appears, severe bleeding can occur, leading to mineral and vitamin loss and dehydration, thus creating an imbalance in your body. Infections can also appear, because the venue in which the abortion is performed may not be sanitized properly, like a hospital or legal clinic.

  • Abortion injuries: If you cannot have a chemical abortion, all the other methods are invasive. This is why you should never let yourself in the hands of people who lack the experience, medical training and equipment and conditions to perform an abortion safely.

One of the main causes of women dying in Asia is complications and uterine injuries caused by abortions done in illegal clinics, by unprepared personnel.

  • Calcium and vitamins: Blood loss is one of the main consequences of abortions. Post abortion care treatments conducted in hospitals involve the prescription of vitamins and minerals, combined with food intake recommendations. This helps your body recover by itself, faster.
  • Family planning services: Just performing an abortion and taking care of the woman to ensure she has recovered well is not enough. Abortion health risks appear not only from the procedure, but from the repetition of it.

Multiple surgical abortions can cause uterine damage and scars, preventing you, at some point, from having children, even if you are now prepared to do so. This is why family planning advice can help.

Remember you come first – from both the health and the freedom point of view. Buying medicine for abortion in UAE from unauthorized pharmacies, people or hidden links on the internet does not guarantee you the results desired.

The abortion risks in UAE are too high and they are not worth it. Expat as well as Indian women have the viable option of safe, legal and confidential abortion procedure at the American Hospital Bangalore. Your safety and well-being come first.