Abortion Pills in UAE – Mandatory Information

Abortion pills is the most common method of abortion chosen globally, during early stage pregnancy. This procedure, completed with abortion pills in UAE, is the first method women think of and search for when they decide to terminate a pregnancy.

If you are looking into this topic, it is mandatory for you to understand what they are, how they work and what the abortion with pills consequences are.

What Are Abortion Pills?

Abortion pills are tablets used to terminate pregnancies in the first trimester. They are based on two types of active substances, called mifepristone and misoprostol.

Excipients are used as well in creating these tablets. They stop progesterone production and induce contractions and cramps. These cramps lead to the expulsion of the uterine content.

Abortion Pills in UAE

Abortion in UAE is illegal unless the pregnancy threatens the mother’s life or if there is strong evidence the baby will be born with a life threatening condition.

Also, the social stigma falling upon a woman can sometimes be more unbearable than the legal consequences. These are the main reasons why women in UAE choose to perform the abortion by themselves, without letting anyone know, or searching for abortion pills in UAE.

The black market, which sells the two active ingredients, in various forms, of Mifepristone in UAE and Cycotec in UAE, is strong. However, disregarding the financial strain and the illegal aspect of it, you should know that most of these sellers take your money and give you back aspirin.

How do Abortion Pills Work?

In order to induce chemical abortion two substances are used. The first one is mifepristone, an antiprogestational steroid. It is sold under the same name, even if you can find alternatives. The second one is misoprostol. Most commonly known as Cycotec, this substance belongs in the prostaglandin category. It is normally used to prevent stomach ulcers while you are under treatments with anti-inflammatory substances, like ibuprofen, naproxen or aspirin.

Mifepristone acts by limiting the progesterone quantity produced by the human organism. This is the primary hormone necessary to keep newly formed pregnancies in the uterine tissue. The reduction of progesterone results in disrupting the cell bond between the pregnancy and the uterine wall. In order for the mifepristone to serve its purpose, it is mandatory for the pregnancy to be younger than seven weeks old.

Misoprostol is a prostaglandin administered usually 2-3 days after the mifepristone was taken. It induces cramping and contractions, similar to an early labor. This helps the uterus to expulse the remaining of the pregnancy.

Chemical Abortion Risks

Knowing what the abortion with pills consequences are is mandatory for anyone involved in this type of abortion. It often makes the difference between life and death. Disregarding the fact that abortion tablets are the no.1 go to for women all over the globe, performing it without having the clearance or supervision of a doctor involves serious risks.

The main mistake made by women is they believe that chemical abortion works after the pregnancy has reached the second trimester. Chemical abortion is efficient in 97% of the situations when done at the right moment. The second trimester success rate drops under 70%, often creating hemorrhaging and uterine damage.

Performing an abortion with pills leads to hemorrhaging. This is the way the body expulses the pregnancy. However, it should not overly exceed the amount or duration of your normal menstrual cycle. If it does and you begin to feel tired beyond your normal level, feel fatigue and dizziness, you should seek the help of medical professionals.

Abortion Pills Benefits

Knowing the risks of performing a medical termination of a pregnancy with abortion pills in UAE doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know its benefits:

  • No anesthetic is required;
  • This method is non-invasive;
  • It is the most affordable abortion option. However, since abortion is illegal in the UAE, it should only be performed with authorization and with the help of doctors. Remember that the black market around abortion pills often lead to you purchasing aspirin instead of what you paid for;
  • It can be performed in the early stages of abortion;
  • You don’t necessarily need to remain in a hospital overnight, since it is a simple and quick procedure, allowing you to resume your daily activities after several hours.

Buying abortion pills in UAE has consequences. Remember the risks you are facing. Your health could be endangered and you also face imprisonment. However, the chemical abortion procedure offered by the American Hospital Bangalore gives you the chance to terminate a pregnancy in a legal frame, while taking care of your health and well-being.

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